Eric & Karin Biographies

 Eric Marrero

Eric performed with the United States Air Force Band at McDill AFB in Tampa, Fl. on trumpet, guitar and electric bass entertaining world famous dignitaries and TV and movie personalities and backing up celebrities such as Anita Bryant. In Miami, Florida he was on the same billing as the Cowsills (Partridge Family starring David Cassidy) and host Peter Marshall of Hollywood Squares fame. 

He has also played in bands that opened on concerts and shows, and/or performed with such names as Maynard Furguson, Shelby Lynn, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Reba McEntire, Marie Osmond and others. And performing in conjunction with Miss America 2005, Diedre Downs. Eric has done radio and TV commercials (some winning awards) nationally as well as locally.  He also appears along with songwriter/performer/creative genius Jerry Powell on the award winning song "Bodine Brown" on the nationally famous Dr. Demento's album "Demento's Mementos".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


                                                                                            Karin Marrero

Karin Marrero (a former flute player) not only plays Celtic harp, percussion, synthesizer but she is also a multi-media artist drawn to eclecticism.  She loves working with recycled materials and her specialties include glass fusion, acrylic & watercolor paintings, pencil portraits and printmaking.  Karin's work has been featured at The Mobile Museum of Art, The Mobile Arts Council, The Eastern Shore Art Center, The Foley Art Center along with many other prominent venues.